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Welcome To
Rahi Spa & Salon

Relax and Experience Bliss through Our Salon Services


We are Rahi Spa and Salon, a hub for people to unveil their real beauty in North Carolina. There is a reason for us to go to a salon, not just to thread or wax. The innate feeling of doing something with our face or body instills in us confidence and makes us feel great about our existence.

Our USPs

What makes us the best choice for you? At Rahi, you can expect only experienced professionals touching and working on making you beautiful.

We have tried our best to get only the professional beauticians and stylists on board who understand what looks good on people.

Creating or recreating styles is one thing, but making sure that the look on your personality makes a big difference.

Our USP also lies in providing the best in threading, waxing, and hair services. Besides these regular ones, we also dress and style you up in Indian outfits and heavy imitation jewelry. It makes us a top choice in the festive or wedding season.

Rahi Spa & Salon - where luxury and the soul come together.

In our salon and spa, Inner and Outer beauty are complemented by wellness to give our clients a memorable and exceptional service.

Personalized treatments committed in providing quality, purity and integrity of natural treatments to you. We welcome you to see that how natural products at Rahi Spa combine with progressive therapy techniques deliver GREAT results for your skin, hair, and body.